Mike Svob: An artist with a natural sense of adventure & colour

Mike Svob, born in Welland, Ontario in 1955, has been a full time professional artist since 1982. He is an impressionist that is easily identified by his signature use of strong bold colour. During his outstanding career he has mastered watercolours, acrylics and oils. His artwork has been featured in 70 exhibitions.
Mike is also a muralist and has produced 25 large scale murals throughout North America. Recently he was commissioned by Playtime Gaming to create “Beautiful B.C.”, a 16 panel mural, 256 feet in length, in collaboration with Alan Wylie.
Nature interacting with people plays an important role in his art. Mike has a great sense of adventure and is an avid map reader and a pilot. He has cycled through Europe, flown his single engine plane coast to coast in Canada and the U.S. and trekked through Nepal.

A romantic, impassioned by the visual presentation that life has to offer, Mike captures the power and movement of light in his work. He strongly believes in sharing his knowledge among fellow artists and art students. Each year he conducts a plein air painting workshop in either Europe or Mexico. He also teaches throughout the year in British Columbia and Alberta.
As a contributing writer, Mike’s work and ideas about painting can be found in a variety of art publications. He has been featured in International Artist Magazine, Magazin D’Art and American Artist. Several art books have focussed on Svob’s talent as a painter.
An award-winning artist and senior member (SFCA) of the Federation of Canadain Artists, Mike is a past president of the society. He lives in White Rock, B.C. with his wife, Nancy and their two children.
See Mike Svob’s paintings at the Birthplace of B.C. Gallery in Fort Langley, B.C.

MIKE SVOB: A Young Point of View.


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